Divorce Literacy Podcast

Professional Spotlight with John Duffy, CDFA®

May 23, 2023 Divorce Lending Association
Divorce Literacy Podcast
Professional Spotlight with John Duffy, CDFA®
Show Notes

Helping couples amicably identify, evaluate, and equitably divide assets in a fair and respectful manner during divorce to achieve a peaceful financial separation.

Going through divorce is extremely challenging, even in the best situation.  You will have a lot of questions, a lot of emotions, and you still have a full life to functionally get through every day.  You could use some help and support.

Join John Duffy, CDFA, and Adam Coleman, CDLP as they discuss the value a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst can bring to your divorce settlement.


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At the Divorce Lending Association, our mission is to help divorcing homeowners make more informed decisions regarding their home equity solutions and the divorce team identify any potential conflicts between the divorce settlment, the mortgage, and real property.

Divorce Mortgage Planning is the ability to put into play the desired outcome by pairing the needs and options available while incorporating the necessary details and clarity into an executable settlement agreement to obtain closure and peace of mind successfully.

Are you going through a divorce and need informatin on refinancing your mrotgage or buying anew home once the divorce is final? Often conflict arises out of a lack of knowledge. We have an amazing workshop available allowing you to take control of your situation and divorce mortgage planning so you are in a stronger position to negotiate while removing conflict and unrealistic expectations.

Visit the Divorce Lending Association for resources and strategies on divorce mortgage planning.