Divorce Literacy Podcast

Professional Spotlight with Holly Moore, Family Law Attorney

May 24, 2023 Divorce Lending Association
Divorce Literacy Podcast
Professional Spotlight with Holly Moore, Family Law Attorney
Show Notes

Listen to Amy Valdivia, CDLP® and Holly Moore, Family Law Attorney. Using a holistic approach while incorporating mediation into family law settlements.

The dynamic that exists in family law is the close personal relationship with the person you are litigating against.

Family Law covers a wide range of sensitive, highly emotional issues. At Moore Family Law Group we don’t believe in playing games, using the legal process as revenge, or using children, assets, or support orders as punishment to the other spouse. We recognize that the process is long and painstaking, and we don’t believe in dragging it out longer than it needs to be.

We do believe in using very smart, tactical legal strategies to get you in and out of this process with all the support (legal and otherwise) that you need. We believe in winning the war, not the battle. To us, the war is won when your divorce is finalized and you aren’t stressed and losing sleep over your obligations as a result of your divorce. You aren’t longing for more time with your kids and you didn’t have to give up all the assets that you’ve worked hard for.

Our legal team is standing by ready to protect you. If you need help with a family law-related matter in Corona or Newport Beach, California, please contact us today for a fully private initial consultation.

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